Infinity Oil Cleansing Cake and Vitality Body Oil Cake forest cakes are a whole new kind of skin care products. Luonkos is the first nature cosmetics company in the world to bring the forest’s health effects on your skin.
It’s easy, efficient, and ecological. It’s good for people and nature. With the help of the extract, the new Luonkos forest cakes can help recover the partly lost, eternally vital connection to nature.

Handmade, with Love

Luonkos Finland Oy is launching two new skin care products that are going to revolutionize the world of cosmetics. Infinity and Vitality forest cakes are pioneers in new nature cosmetics..

Luonkos is among the first companies to have the honour of using the Reconnecting Nature™ microbe extract, developed in Finland to support and strengthen your body’s defence mechanism. With the help of the extract, the new Luonkos forest cakes can help recover the partly lost, eternally vital connection to nature.

The hand-made cakes are water free, vegan and zero waste. Cruelty free cosmetics, that helps you take care of your skin! 

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Behind Luonkos stands three women with a will to rediscover connection with natural wellbeing.

Our bathrooms are filled with lotions, creams, serums and masks promising us to make our skin plump, cleaner and youthful. We are in a vicious circle of plastic bottles, with ingredients hard to understand without a dictionary.

We became frustrated with industrial products and the piles of plastic waste. Wellness had become a business and it was a time for a change.

Let´s celebrate! The sparkling hit is here!

Our products, handmade with love

Our mission is to create products, which wellbeing and self-care.


Sparkling body cake

Travel Sizes

Limited edition


Healer of acne prone skin


Designed for men

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How to use oil cleansing ?

  1. Rub cake between dry hands
  2. Massage oil on dry face
  3. Swipe away excess with dampened cloth or sponge

Water, plastic and preservative free

Our values are seen directly in our products

Genuine Nature’s Beauty for You

We’ve carefully chosen Mother Nature's finest treasures to treat and please you.






Luonkos – Handmade with Love
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