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Frequently Asked Questions


Store the cakes at room temperature, below 25°C, in a dry place. This treat is like chocolate, meaning it melts easily. So remember to protect it from sun and sauna. The cake likes to be in its own case, or you can store it on a tray or in a jar with a lid.

The cakes melt when they are in contact with warm skin. If it’s wintertime and your hands are very cold, it might feel like the cake isn’t melting. You can try warming up your hands with warm water before handling the cake. If you haven’t used your body cake in a while, the surface might feel sticky and drier than normally. Just warm the cake in your warm hands for a while, and it will work like it should again. The body cakes contain jojoba wax that has a higher melting temperature.

Oh no! As long as the cake didn’t melt through its box, you can put it in a fridge for a while, and it’ll turn solid again.

Don’t worry, you can still use your cake. The light colour or white frost is the result of temperature changes, usually from warm to cold. It’s a characteristic of the cacao butter used in all our cakes. Maybe you’ve noticed the same phenomenon in chocolate bars! The changes on the surface in no way affect the cake, and the colour wears off when you use it. The cake doesn’t contain any water, and bacteria doesn’t live on its surface, so it’s very difficult to contaminate the cake.

Radiant oil cleansing cakes and Innocent body cakes contain no added fragrances, making them suitable for those sensitive to fragrances. However, nature’s own materials have a slight scent, so they are not completely scent-free.

Which products suit my skin type?

For an oily skin with impurities we recommend products that soothe and balance the skin: Healing or Complete oil cleansing cakes. They both contain ingredients that soothe and cleanse the skin, like clay. Complete also contains deeply purifying birch charcoal. Complete has a spicier scent, whereas Healing has a fresh, herbal fragrance. Both cakes are suitable for skin with impurities. If your pores are easily clogged, remember to clean make-up and oil residue carefully from your skin. For this we recommend the reusable Helli cloth. Just remember to wash the make-up and oil frequently from the cloth/sponge.

The skin tends to lose some of its elasticity as it ages. The Rebirth oil cleansing cake contains ingredients that reinvigorate the skin, like raw cacao butter. If your skin is extra sensitive, or you are sensitive to fragrances, we recommend choosing the Radiant oil cleansing cake. If you have hormonal or adult acne, we recommend the Healing or Complete oil cleansing cakes. You can read more about the benefits of oil cleansing here.

For dry and peeling skin we’d recommend either Radiant or Rebirth oil cleansing cake. Radiant contains organic Shea butter, and it’s the richest of our cakes. Radiant oil cleansing cake has no added fragrances, making it suitable for very sensitive skin. If you don’t have any scent allergies, you can use the Rebirth oil cleansing cake for dry skin as well. It’s chocolaty scent is sure to enchant every user! Oil cleansing is an efficient and nurturing way to clean your skin, and it’s the best option for dry, sensitive skin. You can read more about the benefits of oil cleansing here.

A combination skin typically has an oily t-zone, and especially winter tends to dry some facial zones. Impurities can be hormonal, and sometimes also due to lifestyle. It can be surprisingly tricky to find suitable products for combination skin’s care. For a combination skin we recommend Healing or Complete oil cleansing cake for the summer, and Rebirth or Radiant oil cleansing cake for the winter. Skin is, after all, very different depending on the season. Remember to clean make-up and extra oil carefully from your skin. You can read more about the benefits of oil cleansing here.

Oil Cleansing

Too effective and wrong type of cleansing is one of the main reasons behind self-inflicted skin problems. We recommend you to leave the foams, gels, and soaps aside and instead choose milky, creamy, and oil-based products for skin cleansing. When the product is made using the right raw materials, suitable for your skin’s needs, oil cleansing is an excellent choice, and one that doesn’t clog the pores. Oil cleansing helps to deep-purify the skin. It cleans impurities and make-up efficiently from the skin, but it’s far more gentle than the surfactants used in cleansing gels and foams. You can read more about the benefits of oil cleansing here: Luonkos.fi/en/oil-cleansing

Yes it does! With oil-based cleansing products you can clean even a thicker layer of fat-soluble make-up, making them the favourite product for many make-up artists and drag queens. With oil cleansing you don’t need to worry about panda eyes. It’s important to remember that the oil cleansing is applied on dry skin and rotating movements repeated until all make-up and impurities are gone. You can use a reusable cloth or a sponge to remove any make-up or extra oil. Rinsing the skin with water is not enough to really clean the skin

When you use oil cleansing on your skin, it removes all the make-up, including eye make-up, and any impurities or dust that have found their way on your skin during the day. Oil is not water-soluble, so you’ll need a reusable cloth or a sponge to do this. You can also do a so-called double cleansing, and then you don’t need a cloth or a sponge. You’ll find more information on double cleansing here. The only difference between a cloth and a sponge is how they feel on your skin: some prefer a sponge, others a cloth. If your skin is sensitive, a cloth might be a better alternative. Our reusable Helli cloth is extra sensitive on the skin, and still removes the dirty oil from your skin efficiently.

Skin and skincare

It’s quite normal that skin reacts to a new product and a new cleansing method. The impurities might leave your skin more actively at first, but your skin will calm down when it gains back its natural balance. However, some skins do require a double cleansing that guarantees there is only a minimal amount of extra oil on the skin. Read more about double cleansing here. If the situation doesn’t improve after several weeks of testing, we recommend trying a gentle cleansing milk or a similar product after the oil cleansing.

For some people the oil cleansing balances the skin so effectively that there isn’t even a need for a face cream! The oil cleansing leaves a light layer of oil on the skin, and that can be enough to moisturise the skin. However, if the skin feels dry after the oil cleansing, you can of course use moisturiser. Remember that winter skin is different from summer skin, and pay attention to your skin’s needs according to the season.

You can use all of our oil cleansing cakes as face masks as well! Apply on clean skin for or after a sauna and leave on for ca. 10 minutes. Wipe off any extra oil and enjoy your soft skin. When travelling, you can use Radiant and Rebirth as body lotion or even for your lips or feet! Can you come up with new ways to use the cakes?

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