What is oil cleansing?

Oil cleansing suits almost everyone, regardless of your skin type.

It’s a common misconception that oil cleansing clogs the skin and doesn’t suit skin with impurities. Scroll down for more information on who oil cleansing suits, how it’s done, and what are its benefits.

Why should I use oil cleansing?

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Too effective and wrong type of cleansing is one of the main reasons behind self-inflicted skin problems. We recommend you to leave the foams, gels, and soaps aside and instead choose milky, creamy, and oil-based products for skin cleansing.

Oil cleansing is a highly effective but gentle way to clean even a thicker layer of make-up. It also works on sun protection that typically doesn’t come off with gentle cleansing products.

Oil cleansing is also an excellent choice when travelling to places with limited water resources.

Is oil cleansing suitable for everyone?

Oil cleansing suits almost everyone, regardless of your skin type. If your skin is dry or ageing, oil cleansing is the ideal choice.

It’s a common misconception that oil cleansing clogs the skin and doesn’t suit skin with impurities. When the product is made using the right raw materials, suitable for your skin’s needs, oil cleansing is an excellent choice, even if your skin has impurities. Oil cleansing helps to deep-purify the skin, and cleanses impurities and make-up efficiently. It’s far more gentle than the surfactants used in cleansing gels and foams.

If your skin has impurities you should pay extra attention on the ingredients in the oil cleansing product you choose. You need to clean the dirty oil from your skin with extra care to make sure all impurities are gone. For a skin with impurities, double cleansing is an excellent choice. That means continuing the oil cleansing with a gentle second phase, making sure there is no make-up, oil, or impurities left on your skin.

How do you perform the oil cleansing?



Gently apply the cleansing oil on a dry skin in rotating movements, and don’t forget the skin around your eyes. Continue until you are sure all make-up and other impurities are gone.



After this, wipe the skin with a cleansing cloth, a soft towel, or a cotton pad you have dipped in warm water. Continue wiping until no dirt or make-up comes off from your skin.



Finalize the cleansing with a toner that’s suitable for your skin, if that’s a part of your skin care routines, and apply face cream if needed.

You can also use oil cleansing to remove your eye make-up! It works efficiently on fat-soluble make-up like mascara, eyeliner, and foundation. Oil cleansing is also gentle on the sensitive skin around your eyes, as the make-up just melts away from your eyes. With oil cleansing you don’t need to worry about panda eyes.

NB! If you have lash extensions, you shouldn’t use oil cleansing to remove make-up from your eyes. However, you can still use it on your skin.


TwistBe: TwistBe is your expert on holistic skin care. TwistBe wants to revolutionize the way people take care of their skin, and the way your skin looks and feels. The ladies behind TwistBe have also created the world’s first online skincare training, A New Beginning for Your Skin, and run Finland’s first skincare podcast, Everything about skincare.

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The information on oil cleansing on Luonkos site has been borrowed from TwistBe’s website.

This is what Katja Kokko, a Finnish skin care guru, has to say about oil cleansing

This is what Katja Kokko, a Finnish skin care guru, has to say about oil cleansing: “Oil cleansing is one of the most efficient ways to take good care of your skin, and it suits all skin types. Lately I’ve been talking a lot about opting for a gentler cleansing product, and this goes for both dry and oily skins. For some reason we tend to think you should wash your skin with such force that you wash down the drain even the grease of the hydrolipidic film that protects your skin. And the greasier your skin, the stronger product you use on it. However, thanks to the Personal Beauty Guides, I’ve noticed that a lot of people with dry skin make the same mistake – and still want advice on how to take care of surface dryness.

So here’s a skin care tip for all of you: opt for a gentler cleansing product and give oil cleansing a go. Oil cleansing works great on oily skin and skin with large pores as well, as the oil penetrates the pores and dissolves the grease from your skin. In addition, oil cleansing takes care of even a thicker foundation and waterproof mascara.”

Who is Katja Kokko?

Katja Kokko is an expert on authentic beauty, and a prominent influencer in holistic well-being. She’s known as one of the most-quoted pioneers in the world of Finnish natural cosmetics. Check out Katja’s blog for more skin care tips.


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