Öljypuhdistuskakkuja, vartaloöljykakkuja | Luonkos
Öljypuhdistuskakkuja, vartaloöljykakkuja | Luonkos

Let your skin feel better

What is oil cleansing?

Oil cleansing the Luonkos way

Luonkos provides Finnish ecological solution to cleanse your face, remove make-up, balance, nurture and moisturize your skin. All with one single premium product. Luonkos oil cleansing cakes are real multipurpose products - you can save your skin, nature and money by using them, plus you know what you are putting on your face.

How to do oil cleansing?

Handle the oil cleansing cake with clean, dry hands. Oil cleansing is done without using any water. .

1. Rub the cake between your warm hands until oil starts to dissolve.

2. Apply the oil on your skin in rotating movements until the oil removes make-up or any impurities on your skin.

3. Wipe your face with a sponge or a cloth dipped in warm water.

Luonkos oil cleansing cakes won already in 2020 the respected beauty journalists' prize "Kauneuspilkut" with arguments: ethical, ecological and Finnish natural cosmetics series. Plastic free packaging, hand made products that work delight throughout the series". Luonkos oil cleansing cakes have won multiple Finnish and international awards for innovative products.

Öljypuhdistuskakkuja, vartaloöljykakkuja | Luonkos

What does oil cleansing do to your skin?

  • Oil cleansing is a gentle but effective way to cleanse your face. Skin does not loose its protection layer, oil will dissolve the dirt and other impurities leaving the skin glowing without making it feel dry. Oil cleansing works also for make-up removal, in addition it nurtures lashes and sensitive skin around the eyes. .
  • Suits all skin types. Oil cleansing is for all ages and skin types from sensitive to mixed, dry and oily skins.  
  • Balances the symptoms of skin issues. Skin is always trying to produce what it is missing. Cleansing products that are over cleansing and drying the skin (eg soaps) are disturbing the natural balance and functioning of skin. Oil cleansing works well also for acne and oily skins.
  • Pay attention to correct use of oil cleansing, does it work for all? In oil cleansing the correct using method is essential - wipe the extra oil off the face with damp cloth or sponge, not with water. .

A part of people experience that oil cleansing is not the most suitable form of cleansing for their skin. In those cases we recommend double cleansing. Double cleansing means a skin cleansing and make-up removal method in which you first use oil cleansing on your face and then continue for example with powder cleanser to finish the routine. Oil cleansing is superb cleansing method as it is, but if you have any concerns that it leaves your skin feeling too oily, double cleansing is your answer.

Our motto is best for my skin, best for nature. We are committed to create products only from the best ingredients and raw materials. We are dedicated to inspire change and be a forerunner in sustainability. We base our decisions on a strong base of values.

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