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Healing gift set
Healing gift set
Healing gift set
Healing gift set
Healing gift set

Healing gift set

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Pack contains a Healing oil cleansing cake, a facial sponge, and a case. For skin cleansing, removing make-up, and moisturising. For combination, oily, and acne skin. Also for youth, children, and men.

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Skin care gift pack for oily skin with impurities – treat yourself, or give as a gift!

This package includes everything you need for a luxurious dose of skincare. The set includes Healing facial oil cleansing cake, an ecological cleansing cloth, and a plastic-free Sulapac case for the cake and the cloth. We recommend this product for oily and combination skin and skin with impurities. You can also use it to treat acne and rosacea. 

Healing oil cleansing cake

Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2020 winner for Best Innovation!

This 100 % natural oil cleansing cake cleanses impurities, both water-soluble and water-proof make-up, and sunscreen. Healing leaves an urturing oily surface on your skin and moistures, brightens, and balances theskin. The product is suitable for oily and combination skin and skin with impurities. You can alsouse it to treat acne and rosacea. Healing is suitable for youth, children, and men.

Oil cleansing cake is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and good fatty acids, all important to your skin. Moring a is an effective “skin superfood”, an antioxidant-rich ingredient that nurtures and revitalises the skin. Kaolin clay cleanses impurities and calms inflammations. Finnish hemp oil is healing and moisturising. Coconut oil and cacao butter help to remove any make-up and impurities from the skin. Natural essential oils from grapefruit and rosemary give Healing its zesty, fresh scent.

Unlike some other facial cleansing products, oil cleansing cakes do not dry your skin. Daily use of the product balances the skin and improves the skin’s moisture balance. At first the impurities leaving your skin might have a more active presence, but your skin will calm down when it gains back its natural balance. 

All Luonkos’ hand-made oil cleansing cakes are vegan and have a neutral PH. The cakes contain no water, preservatives, or micro-plastic. Absolutely no animal testing is our firm principle.

The oil cleansing cake lasts for about 3 months / 60 ml.

Ecological cleansing sponge

Very durable and eco-friendly facial sponge for removing dirt, oil, and make-up from your face after using an oil cleansing cake. Cleanse your face easily and gently with this soft sponge.

The sponge is delivered pressed and dry. It’s made from biodegradable viscose, consisting of cotton, hemp, and flax seed. Facial sponge’s size when wet 6.5 cm x 1 cm.

Importing: Suomen Hoitolatukku Tuonti Oy

Sulapac case for travel and storing

Extremely durable Sulapac case is ideal for storing and carrying Luonkos cakes. Mainly designed for storing water-free products,you can also use the Sulapac case to store soap, cleansing milk bars and cleansing cloths, just as long as you let them dry before placing in the case. 

 The 200 ml case is made from biodegradable, plastic-free Premium quality material. It’s manufactured using wood industry’s sidestream saw dust and plant-based binders. Remember: hand wash only, as the bio-based case will melt in machine wash.

Manufacturer: Sulapac Oy

The total sum of the products if purchased separately €52.35

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