Rebirth Women's Bank Special Edition oil cleansing cake
Rebirth Women's Bank Special Edition oil cleansing cake

Rebirth Women's Bank Special Edition oil cleansing cake

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To cleanse face and make-up. To moisturise skin. Dry, surface-dry skin, normal, couperosa and ageing skin.

FI Natura - Certified Natural Cosmetics

Women’s Bank (Naisten pankki) is a Finnish organization that raises donations to help improve women’s livelihood in developing countries, always striving for sustainability. The organization's work supports education for girls and women, opportunities for livelihood, and women’s rights. 

Women’sBank is a Finnish invention, established in January of 2007. During its 13years of operation the volunteer network has raised more than € 18 million indonations. The network has more than 3000 volunteers all around Finland. For each sold Women’s Bank Special Edition, we donate 5 € to Women’s Bank.

Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2020 winner for Best Innovation!

This 100 % natural oil cleansing cake cleanses impurities, both water-soluble and water-proof make-up, and sunscreen. Rebirth leaves a nurturing oily surface on your skin. It moistures, brightens, and balances the skin. The cake is suitable for dry, surface-dry, and normal skin. You can also use it to treat rosacea, POD, couperosa, and ageing skin.

Oil cleansing cake is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and good fatty acids, all important to your skin. Raw cocoa has plenty of antioxidants, it removes impurities and brightens and revitalises a tired skin. Almond oil softens and nurtures your skin, making it elastic. Coconut oil and cacao butter help to remove any make-up and impurities from the skin. Rebirth’s scent comes from natural essential oils, and it has a mesmerizing sweet fullness and the nuances of a chocolate dessert.

Unlike some other facial cleansing products, oil cleansing cakes do not dry your skin. Daily use of the product balances the skin and improves the skin’s moisture balance. At first the impurities leaving your skin might have a more active presence, but your skin will calm down when it gains back its natural balance.

All Luonkos’ hand-made oil cleansing cakes are vegan and have a neutral PH. The cakes contain no water, preservatives, or micro-plastic. Absolutely no animal testing is our firm principle.

For effective facial cleansing we recommend you to order a facial cleansing cloth or an ecological facial sponge to go with your cakes. Oil cleansing cakes work great in facial double-cleansing as well. First wash your face with oil cleansing cake, then use Luonkos facial powder cleanser.

The facial cake lasts for about 3 months/ 60 ml.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Marjut Puranen
Mukavan öljyinen

Tuotteen mukana hyvät käyttöohjeet ja tuote on helppo käyttää. Se jättää ihon kimmoisaksi ja ravitun tuntuiseksi.

Johanna Lassila
Rebirth special edition naisten pankki öljynpuhdistuskakku kasvoille

Puhdistuksen jälkeen iho on pehmeä ja hyvällä tavalla voidellun oloinen. Tykkään. Hieron kakkua suoraan kasvoille koska kakku ei minun kokemuksellani toimi hyvin niin että hieroisin ensin käsiin kakkua ja sitten kasvoille. Tuntuu että käsiin ei tartu riittävästi voidetta ja sitä on nihkeä levittää kasvoille. Mutta suoraan kakku iholle niin toimii hyvin :). Kiitos ihanasta tuotteesta!

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