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Double cleansing set - Combination and oily skin
Double cleansing set - Combination and oily skin
Double cleansing set - Combination and oily skin
Double cleansing set - Combination and oily skin
Double cleansing set - Combination and oily skin
Double cleansing set - Combination and oily skin

Double cleansing set - Combination and oily skin

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Gift set includesClarity clay cleansing powder for face, oil cleansing cake of your choice and facial sponge. Cleansing face, removing make-up and moisturizing skin. Also for men.

Facial oil cleansing cake:Radiant
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Treat yourself with a facial cleanser set, or giveas a gift!

Choose double cleansing for a perfect facial cleansing. It removes make-up and impurities from your face, effectively but gently. It's especially well-suited for skin that clogs easily, and for strong evening make-up. The pack includes a deep-cleansing Clarity clay powder cleanser, an oil cleansing cake of your choice, and an eco-friendly facial sponge. The set is designed for oily and combination skin in mind.

How to use double cleansing?

You start off with oil cleansing:

1. Rub the oil cleansing cake between clean, dry, and warm hands until oil starts to dissolve.
2. Apply the oil on your skin in rotating movements until the oil removes make-up or any impurities on your skin.
3. Wipe your face with a sponge dipped in warm water.

And finish with powder cleansing:

4. Sprinkle half a teaspoon of powder onto your palm, add the same amount of water, and use your finger to make an even paste.
5. Apply to your face until the impurities or make-up dissolve. Use more water if needed.
6. Rinse well with plenty of water.

Choose the correct oil cleansing cake for your own skintype:

Radiant – dry and sensitive skin
Rebirth – dry and normal skin
Healing – combination and oily skin
Complete – all skintypes

Unlike some other facial cleansing products, oil cleansing cakes do not dry your skin. Daily use of the product balances the skin and improves the skin’s moisture balance. At first the impurities leaving your skin might have a more active presence, but your skin will calm down when it gains back its natural balance.

All Luonkos’ hand-made oil cleansing cakes are vegan and have a neutral PH. The cakes contain no water, preservatives, or micro-plastic. Absolutely no animal testing is our firm principle.

Clarity facial clay powder cleanser

Clarity deep-cleanses the skin and removes a light make-up. The powder cleanser is facial cleanser in a condensed form: you add the water when washing. Clarity is designed for oily and combination skin, and it's also suitable for men. The cleanser is excellent for double-cleansing: use it after oil-based cleansing. If your skin is very sensitive or atopic, we primarily recommend oil cleansing.

Clarity, made from 100 % natural ingredients, contains Finnish freshwater clay, oat flour, and barley starch. Clay gently peels and absorbs impurities from the skin. It activates the skin’s natural function, diminishes pores, and restores the skin’s mineral balance. Oat is rich in minerals and has soothing and moisture-binding properties. Both oat and betaine nurture and nourish the skin. Thanks to barley starch, Clarity has a velvety texture and it’s easy to apply. It also soothes the skin.

Natural juniper essential oil gives Clarity a fresh and slightly sweet scent of a forest.

Luonkos’ hand-made powder cleansers are vegan. They contain no water, preservatives, or microplastic. Absolutely no animal testing is our firm principle.

The facial powder cleanser can be used about 150 times/ 50 g.

Ecological cleansing sponge

Very durable and eco-friendly facial sponge for removing dirt, oil, and make-up from your face after using an oil cleansing cake. Cleanse your face easily and gently with this soft sponge.

The sponge is delivered pressed and dry. It’s made from biodegradable viscose, consisting of cotton, hemp, and flax seed. Facial sponge’s size when wet 6.5 cm x 1 cm.

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