Winter frosty salt soap
Winter frosty salt soap
Winter frosty salt soap

Winter frosty salt soap

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Käsien, vartalon sekä hiusten pesuun. Kuiva iho, kaikki ihotyypit, koko perhe.

FI Natura - Certified Natural Cosmetics

Winter is a gentle bar soap for hands and body, for the entire family. You can also use it for washing your hair. Salt soap foams lightly and doesn’t dry the skin, making it especially suitable for dry as well as normal skin. The soap’s cool winter’s scent makes it also a favourite among men.

Winter is made from completely natural ingredients. It contains sea salt rich in minerals, apricot seed oil that is mild and rich in vitamins, coconut oil that is rich in antioxidants, and nurturing cacao butter. Sea salt is known for its skin-caring and moisturising properties, making the soap even more gentle. The apricot seed oil is fast to absorb, and it contains vitamins A, B, and E. Coconut oil and cacao butter help to remove any impurities from the skin gently while their good fatty acids pamper your skin.

Natural essential oils from patchouli and spruce guide your thoughts to a mystic spruce forest. And with wild mint comes a cool breeze that covers the forest in snow.

All Luonkos’ hand-made soaps are vegan. They contain no water, preservatives, or microplastic. Absolutely no animal testing is our firm principle.

The size of the soap 140 g

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