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Name of the register customer and marketing register

Privacy statement according to the personal data legislation (in particular the law on personal data, 523/1999, § 10 and 24).

Privacy statement updated 25th of August, 2020.

The legal base and purpose for processing personal data

The personal data in the register is processed according to § 8 of the law on personal data, for the purpose of maintaining the Company’s customer relations.

The register is strictly for the Company’s own use. The basis for processing personal data are customer relation or other appropriate context, or an authorization or a mandate from a customer. The register’s data is used to maintain and develop the customer relationship, for payment control, and for marketing communications. The register’s data can be used anonymized (an individual cannot be identified) by using cookies to target online marketing to customers.

Processed personal data

The register processes the Company’s customers’ personal and contact data and other necessary information related to the customer relationship. Information related to maintaining the customer relationship include:

  • Individual’s name, address, e-mail address, phone number
  • Company’s name and business ID and the contact person’s name, e-mail address, phone number, company’s website url
  • Information related to any contracts with the customer, such as product and price information, service descriptions, customer feedback, delivery and billing data, and contacts.
  • Communication history during the customer relationship (i.e. e-mail messages and call data) and complaints.

Regular sources of data

We collect personal data directly from the data subject, via channels used to communicate with the customer, such as phone, e-mail, web service, and customer meetings.

Protecting personal data and information security

All digitally processed personal data has been protected and stored in the Company’s system, with access limited to those individuals who need the data in question to perform their work duties.

The personal data is protected from external use, and use of the register’s data is monitored.

Disclosing and transferring personal data

Data can be disclosed to authorities when required by legislation or regulations, for instance to investigate abuse. If the Company sells its business or otherwise reorganizes its business, the data can be transferred to the new owners.

 Personal data can also be transferred to other service providers in order for them to realize their services. Data controller’s partner responsible for the register’s technical administration can transfer the personal data according to the applicable legislation on privacy protection and this privacy policy.

Transferring personal data outside EU or EEA area

he access to personal data is limited to what’s necessary for realizing the services. Transferring personal data outside of EU or EEA area is always based on the legislation on processing personal data valid at the time, and is realized according to said legislation. Data will not be disclosed outside of EU or EEA area without the customer’s permission. The servers necessary for using the software are situated in countries within EU or EEA area, where the European Comission has stated the level on data security sufficient.

Register’s security

We store your personal data confidentially, and only individuals who have the right and the need to use the data in their work, have access to it. The staff processing the personal data are bound by professional confidentiality. We use the appropriate IT means to secure the register, and the register’s user must have a user id and a password. In addition, the network is protected with a firewall, and is only accessible by designated individuals.

Retention time and the data subject’s right to access the data

The data subject has the right to know what data has been collected on him/her, how it has been collected, and what the data is used for. This information must be given to the customer in an understandable format, and if necessary, also in writing.

The data subject must present the request for fulfilling the above-described right according to the information in the Contact section of this privacy policy. The Company can request the data subject to clarify their request in writing and to verify the data subject’s identity before processing the request.

Right to rectification

The data subject can request rectifying their personal data if it is redeemed incomplete, faulty, or out of date. Personal data can be erased if it is used in criminal activities or to abuse the service. The data subject should contact us according to the information in Contact section.


We use cookies on our site. A cookie is a small text file our web server stores on your browser. The information stored in the file can contain i.e. information on the site you last used. The text file will not harm your computer and it doesn’t contain any codes that could be used on your device. The purpose of cookies is to analyse and to develop our site, and with their help we can offer our customers relevant marketing. Cookies can be disabled from your browser’s settings.


The requests for using data subject’s rights, any questions regarding this privacy policy, and other contact must be done in writing, with a signed letter sent to the contact person’s address you can find in the beginning of this policy. If need be, the individual must authenticate their identity in a reliable manner.

Changes to this privacy policy

The company reserves the right to modify this privacy policy when their business develops or the legislation changes. By purchasing the Company’s services and products you consent to this privacy policy and give your consent to collecting, storing, and using your data in the ways mentioned in this policy.

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