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Natural cosmetics Christmas Calendar

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Luonkosin vegaaniset tuotteet

Sustainably produced Luonkos Christmas Calendar is made with guaranteed Luonkos quality, which will be delighting to the users. Christmas Calendar is an excellent way to introduce yourself to nurturing and nutritious Luonkos skincare products made of natural ingredients. It includes a versatile selection of Luonkos natural cosmetics products - you will receive all necessary products for winter and spring at once! Christmas Calendar includes 10 full size products for face, body and hair to cleanse, nourish and moisturize. You may also choose a vegan option.

Luonkos products are mainly vegan, only balms include black bees wax. We have chosen locally produced black bees wax to our balms to support the preservation work of this old country race of bees. In the vegan version of the Christmas Calendar this specific wax is replaced with other Luonkos products.

All packaging materials used in the Christmas Calendar is reusable carton. Products are handmade in Naantali. Packaging boxes can be used to store the products while in use.

Total value of the products is 332 €.

You may also choose

Vegan Christmas Calendar

We wanted to acknowledge our vegan customers as well and we tailor made a vegan version of our Christmas Calendar. In this vegan Christmas Calendar the balms and creams including bee wax are replaced with other vegan Luonkos products.

Note! All Christmas Calendar orders are shipped within November in order of the order date. If your order included other products as well, they will be delivered together with the Christmas Calendar.

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