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Forest products

Treasures from the Finnish forests to your every-day life

Luonkos draws from the Finnish nature

Luonkos is a pioneer in using Finnish natural ingredients. The products include eg. Finnish nettle, sea buckthorn and cranberry oils, oat, barley, clay, and beeswax. Birch bark powder and birch charcoal are products of circular economy: they come from wood industry’s sidestream, meaning birch bark and other parts that would have otherwise gone to waste. The product packaging is another Finnish forest innovation, a plastic-free cardboard.

Luonkos was the first in the world to bring the forest microbe extract into natural cosmetics! In addition to the forest microbe products, our forest products include a dry shampoo containing birch root powder, and a facial oil cleansing cake that contains birch charcoal powder.

Enrich your skin's microbe balance - feel the forest's effect on your skin

Luonkos offers you great products with forest microbe extract for cleansing, moisturising, and balancing your skin. We also use the forest extract in our gentle powder deodorants and the balm that has become a solid favourite for saving the dry parts on your skin! Re-Connecting Nature™ forest microbe extract is a Finnish innovation that Luonkos was the first to introduce in cosmetics.

“Luonkos forest cakes are an excellent example of products containing added microbe extract that regulates your body’s defence mechanism and protects from immune-mediated diseases. The cakes are the first cosmetic products in the world to bring the forest baths indoors”" as Uute Scientific Oy aptly describes their Re-Connecting Nature™ microbe extract.

Read more about research related to forest microbe extract!

It’s important to expose yourself to nature’s diversity and bacteria as widely as possible. However, this should be done in a controlled manner.

MD, PhD, Professor of Virology at Tampere University, Co-Founder of Uute Scientific Heikki Hyöty

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