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Luonkos Oy (2948085-3)

Contact person in data protection questions
Piritta Fors
+358 (0)50 303 0694

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On this page we’ll tell you how we collect, use, or share your personal data, as you visit Luonkos or shop with us.
Personal Data Act (523/99) 10 §1

1. Data controller and its contact information:
Luonkos Oy
Niittikuja 1
21110 Naantali
Company ID: 2948085-3

If you want more information on data protection and processing your personal data, email us at

2. Company in charge of the register:
Luonkos Oy

3. Name of the register:
Luonkos Oy’s customer register

4. Purpose for processing personal data or the purpose of the register:
Maintaining customer relations and processing orders.

5. Register’s data content
What information we might collect on you:

  • Name
  • Address (street address, house/apartment number)
  • Zip code and city
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Information observed on the use of services and derived with analytics
  • Shopping history, including ordered products and their prices
  • Product reviews
  • Information on online shop's use and browsing, device’s identifying information
  • Information and identifiers used on targeted content
  • Automatically collected information on your session on our site, including :IP address, location, internet browser used, browsing data on our site, search words used to find the site, and the referring sites
    We use following technologies to retrieve the automatically collected data:
  • Cookies the browser saves on your device or your computer. Find more information on cookies here:
  • Tag and pixel files collecting data on how you use our site (for instance, the pages you visit, the time and date of the visit, the IP address you visit our site from)

What do we use the information for:

  • Maintaining customer relationship
  • Processing, delivering, and archiving orders
  • Developing Luonkos’ services and improving customer experience
  • Analytics
  • Targeted content and marketing
  • Misuse prevention
  • Improving customer service
    The parties we might share the information with:
    We share your information only with third parties that are in compliance with the data protection regulations and laws. Your information is shared with for example the following parties:
  • Shopify, providing the online shop platform for an efficient and functional shopping at Luonkos (additional information on how Shopify uses your information: )
  • Google Analytics. We use the Google Analytics service to analyse user information and traffic (more information on how Google uses personal data: You can also opt out of GoogleAnalytics tracking here: )
  • We can also share your information with Facebook, enabling us to advertise targeted content to you on Facebook. You can opt out of targeted Facebook ads here: )
  • Google AdWords. We might use it for search word advertisement. (You can opt out of targeted AdWords advertisement here:
    We can transfer your data outside of Europe, for instance to Canada and the United States. If you are a European resident, you have the right to access the personal data we have on you and request us to change, update, or erase the data on applicable parts. Should you want any of this, contact our customer support.

6. Regular sources of information
Customer's own announcement, Luonkos ordering system, and possible purchasing of customer information from third parties, in accordance with the Finnish legislation.

7. The principles of register protection
The manual material is stored in a locked, electronically protected space.The IT based system is stored in a locked space, protected by firewall, userID, and password protection.

When necessary, the information is disclosed internally and externally to following groups:

  • Individuals in the company who need the information to complete their work-related tasks.
  • Authorities, when required by legislation or regulations (for instance socialand tax authorities)
  • For partners and subcontractors necessary for processing orders and maintaining customer relations (for instance parties related to order payments and deliveries, including Paytrail, Posti, and Matkahuolto).

The data subject’s data can be accessed and used by only those data processor's predefined employees for who need to process the data in their work. These employees are bound by confidentiality.

8. Right of access and carrying out the right of access
The data subjects have the right to check the information related to them stored in the register, and access a copy of the data. The access request must be done in writing and signed. The access request must be delivered to the company in charge of the register.

9. Right to rectify and carrying out the right to rectify
The data subject has the right to request any inaccurate information in the register to be rectified. The rectification request must be done in writing andit must be sufficiently exact.
The written rectification requests must be delivered to the company in charge of the register.

10. Right to restriction
The data subject can request the controller to restrict the processing of data concerning them for direct advertising, distance sales and other direct marketing, for market research and polling, and for genealogy purposes. The written restriction requests must be delivered to the company in charge of the register.

Force majeure
In the case of a force majeure, Luonkos Oy is no longer bound by the responsibilities stated in these terms. A force majeure can be for instance a fire, a hurricane, a flood, sabotage, an interruption in money transactions or general traffic, a major accident, authority actions, a new or changed law, oran industrial dispute.

Any disputes will be settled in the district court of Finland Proper.