Our story

This is how Luonkos was born

Luonkos was born out of desire to create better products for both skin and nature. The excessive use of chemicals and increasing environmental consiousness drove two innovative women to develop sustainable and ecological new skin care products.

Luonkos was founded and is led by exceptional women, with warm hearts. Luonkos is providing jobs in Finland.

Luonkos name comes from words luonnonkosmetiikka (natural cosmetics) and local expression luonkos jotain ihanaa (creating something wonderful).


All Luonkos products are hand made in Naantali Finland. We use green energy and minimize our carbon footprint in all possible ways. We use minimal amount of water in our production, we do not produce any harmful waste.

We use only natural and carefully selected ingredients in our products. Luonkos products do not include preservatives, palm oils, micro plastics or water. We use no animal testing.

All packaging are recyclable and without any plastic.

Why people love and recommend Luonkos products?:

1. Healthier, happier skin

2. High-quality ingredients

3. Sustainability

4. Produced in Finland

5. Ecological packaging.

6. Saving money and nature

Old meets new

Luonkos is creating a new form of natural cosmetics where old meets new. Sustainability trends of the future, breakthroughs of modern research, plant knowledge and inspiration from ancient lore, spa traditions, and the herbal gardens of the Bridgettine monastery – all these meet in Luonkos products. 

Luonkos has strong ties to Naantali. Naantali is a small but vibrant coastal town, nested in the famous Finnish archipelago. Luonkos creates products that help Baltic Sea and other bodies of water to do better.

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