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Luonkos’ forest microbe products are developed based on strong science and persistent research. Nature’s health benefits are a proven fact, and we want to bring those benefits to the city environment as well.

Luonkos products contain added forest!

Diverse nature is swarming with healthy microbes. The more the digital screen keeps you indoors, the feebler is your exposure to microbes and nature. When the body’s defence mechanism doesn’t get the exposure to microbes it needs, the risk of immune-mediated diseases grows. 

In autoimmune diseases the body attacks its own cells and tissues because it mistakes them for alien tissue. In just half a century, many immune-mediated diseases have become more and more common, especially in urban environments. One reason behind this is the reduced biological diversity in the environment we live in. It’s not a small problem, as up to one fifth of the population in developed countries have severe immune defence mechanism disorders.

The Adele projects of the universities of Helsinki and Tampere have revealed more facts on the crucial role that exposure to nature plays in preventing immune-mediated diseases. The projects have used the latest in medical and human ecology studies and brought that knowledge together with urban planning.

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Uute Scientific promotes well-being with nature's own resources

The Finnish company UUTE Scientific Oy has based their research on the results of the Adele projects. Their goal is ambitious, but not impossible: a life without immune-mediated diseases. You can now get your daily dose of nature exposure from consumer products. It’s all made possible by Re-Connecting Nature™ microbe extract, developed by UUTE Scientific Oy.

Usually probiotics contain a couple of different bacteria, micro-organisms, and eukaryotes at best. The new microbe extract contains thousands. Reconnecting Nature™ recovers a healthy connection to nature.

“It’s important to expose yourself to nature’s diversity and bacteria as widely as possible. However, this should be done in a controlled manner.” - Heikki Hyöty, M.D., Professor of Virology at Tampere University and co-founder of UUTE Scientific

Forest bath from cosmetics


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