Clarity clay powder cleanser for face
Clarity clay powder cleanser for face

Clarity clay powder cleanser for face

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For deep-cleansing your face and removing light make-up. For oily and combination skin. Also for men.


Clarity deep-cleanses the skin and removes a light make-up. The powder cleanser is facial cleanser in a condensed form: you add the water when washing. Clarity is designed for oily and combination skin, and it's also suitable for men. The cleanser is excellent for double-cleansing: use it after oil-based cleansing. If your skin is very sensitive or atopic, we primarily recommend oil cleansing.

Clarity, made from 100 % natural ingredients, contains Finnish freshwater clay, oat flour, and barley starch. Clay gently peels and absorbs impurities from the skin. It activates the skin’s natural function, diminishes pores, and restores the skin’s mineral balance. Oat is rich in minerals and has soothing and moisture-binding properties. Both oat and betaine nurture and nourish the skin. Thanks to barley starch, Clarity has a velvety texture and it’s easy to apply. It also soothes the skin.

Natural juniper essential oil gives Clarity a fresh and slightly sweet scent of a forest.

Luonkos’ hand-made powder cleansers are vegan. They contain no water, preservatives, or microplastic. Absolutely no animal testing is our firm principle.

The facial powder cleanser can be used about 150 times/ 50 g.

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