New sister line for Luonkos

Luostarin Aarteet

Treat yourself with nurturing, traditional skincare. Treat your skin with treasures from the Finnish nature.

Traditional skincare from Finnish forest

The name of the new product line is Luostarin Aarteet, and it means the Treasures of the Monastery. The products are inspired by the story of Saint Bridget and by the Bridgettine monastery in Naantali, a pioneering community with immense plant knowledge, and a strong connection to nature. Each and every one of us will find treasures from the sophistication of the soul, from culture and the will to change the world for better, and from the Finnish nature and natural skincare. 

The Finnish nature is pure and rich. There are plenty of nurturing plants. Luostarin Aarteet line uses as many efficient Finnish plants and plant extracts as possible. All the oils used are cold-pressed, high-quality oils. The inspiration for the products comes from the monastery’s old recipes. The line includes effective facial serum oils, a variety of skin oils, and an intimate oil. All product names are traditional, old Finnish names.

New product line

Everything about you is beautiful

Treat your skin to well-being. Luostarin Aarteet products contain gorgeous, nourishing oil serums for different skin types, all made from high-quality oils and Finnish oil extracts. The product line also includes nurturing body oils and a gentle intimate oil. Products your skin will love!

Luostarin Aarteet is an independent sister line for Luonkos. The products are hand-made with love by Luonkos in Naantali, Finland. The products are sold in small batches in Luonkos webstore and our own shops.

You can recycle the bottles, their parts, and all other packaging material.

Treat your skin with treasures from the Finnish nature.

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