Traditional SECONDS Outlet Sale will start again

SECONDS Outlet sale 27.-29.1.2023

There is a limited number of outlet products available.

Second may be also first

What is a SECONDS product?

Product that is listed as SECONDS can have personal characteristics, or it might have defects in its packaging. Products are fully functional despite their minor defects, after few times of using them you will not notice the defect anymore.

Luonkos does not produce SECONDS, it happens in normal production: over 90% of products made are perfect in all way, few percent will have bubbles in the mix, the cake is leaning one way or it has a minor scratch.

Outlet sale at Factory Outlet and Eco Shop in Turku

Luonkos Factory Outlet in Naantali has sale this weekend. Lots of offers, 2-quality product and other ecological products with special prices. Come and find yours!

Luonkos Factory Outlet: Thu-Fri 26.-27.1. at 12-18. Address: Niittikuja 1, Naantali

Luonkos & Friends eco shop: Thu-Fri 26.-27.1. at 11-17 and Sat 28.1. at 10-14. Address: Puutarhakatu 12, Turku

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