Öljypuhdistuksen suomalainen hittituote helpottaa arjen ihonhoitorutiineja ja säästää ympäristöä

Finnish oil cleansing favourite makes skincare routines easier and conserves the environment

In Luonkos’ skincare philosophy, natural cosmetics’ pure ingredients meet a minimalistic yet effective skincare routine and zero waste thinking. Read more how ONE oil cleansing cake has the qualities of four different skincare products.
Kakkoslaatu nostaa esiin uniikit yksilöt

Seconds quality brings out unique individuals.

At Luonkos, second quality is not considered as inferior. Second quality may have visual deviations, but the mass is the same as in the premium quality. It's endlessly fascinating how friends developed in the same skin cake or soap mold can be so different from each other.
Luonnonkosmetiikkaa matkalle mukaan

Natural cosmetics for your travels

Dream journeys. There have probably been millions of them during the pandemic. Flipping through old memories and travel photos, lingering in the past. A time when even last-minute getaways were made.
Uniikit ihokakut – käsityötä Naantalista

Unique skincare cakes – handcrafted in Naantali

Luonkos skincare cakes are crafted by hand in Naantali. The ingenuity is often supported by a controlled amount of tape and cable ties or a barbecue spatula brought in from home. In the families of Luonkos women, they've learned where various tools tend to disappear.